How to be likable and charismatic?

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Have you ever met someone with a magnetic personality that drew people to them? It’s not always about looks or wealth, but rather about certain traits and behaviors that make a person more likable and charismatic.  

In this article, we’ll share some practical tips on how to be likable and charismatic that you can start implementing today. 

From avoiding negative talk to exuding confident, these tips will help you make a great impression and attract people to you.

How to be likable and charismatic: 7 Tips

Stop Criticizing:

Don’t talk negative about others or a third person. If you are caught gossiping or criticizing by someone, they may think what you say about them when they are not around. 

Giving your full attention: 

Providing your undivided attention can be really flattering. You can do this by putting away your phone, making eye contact with the person who’s talking, and nodding your head during conversations.

Using your phone during a conversation make you look like you are disinterested in the topic or them (the person talking). They can also believe that they or their conversation is not important for you.

Listen before you speak: 

A person always like those who listen to them and their thoughts and feelings.

Don’t wait for your turn to speak and be fully focused on the other person who is talking.


The number one tip for being likable is to smile. It doesn’t matter if inside, you are miserable or angry, never show that to the world. 

Fake it and be a ray of sunshine that everybody likes.

Compliment Others:

Complimenting others will cause you no harm, but it will b of an advantage to you. People always are over the moon after receiving a compliment. It’s whether how they look, their skills, their house, about their job, or even how they think.

Examples can be:

“You have a great sense of humor. I always enjoy talking to you because you make me laugh”

“I love the color of your hair, it really suits you ad make you look more beautiful”

Dress like a winner:

Even if you are not a millionaire and can’t afford expensive clothes, you can at least be neat and tidy.

Be well groomed and wear colors that suits you and your skin color. 

Take care of yourself and others will care more about you. It is a universal fact, those who take care of themselves are more liked by others than those who don’t.

Confidence is contagious:

You exude positivity and energy when you are confident. 

People are deemed to like those who radiate enthusiasm and positivity.

Being confident, you are showing the world that you are capable of handling of handling challenges, which is very appealing to others and is very likable. 

Final words:

In conclusion, being likable and charismatic is not rocket science, bit it requires effort and attention to details. By following the tips mentioned above such as being attentive, positive, and confident, you can improve your charisma and this is how to be more likable.

Remember, being genuinely interested in others, complimenting them, and avoiding negativity is how to be a likable and charismatic. 

So, practice these traits, and you will surely see positive changes in your relationships with others.

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